Hall of Shame

Despite being model professionals, Lilley Cricket Club players have had their embarrassing
moments – both in the present and in former lives!


Mik Carman shows us all exactly why the Mullet was sent to room 101. And I bet he was hoping this photo was too! Brother Dave was the source for this outrageously bad photograph from September 1985. Do I hear cries of ‘Micky Pearce’ from the back??









No such excuse for the boy Paddington, photographed here inFebruary 2004. ‘Screech’ was looking forward to his first trip to Bar Ashby, sadly the skipper was not the only Captain there. Dear old Captain Morgan, around seven of them, didn’t compliment Paddy’s earlier six pints of lager and Sammy’s Special kebab. The result, as photographed here, shows Paddington in a state of severe intoxication. “I’m lying in the position animals do when they’re being attacked by bears” he told me at the time…Paddington was ejected shortly afterwards.




Matt Clarke gives new meaning to the words “the toss” as he is caught fondling his corinthians at the start of a midweek game. The opposition Captain seemed oblivious to Clarkey’s unusual pre-match ceremony!




The sight of Joel Mellor’s old Tahiti Sunrise Rover. This snap was taken after a match against St Josephs at Silsoe. Having drawn the game, Lilley returned to the car park to find that an entire flock of birds had selected Joel’s car to pepper with dung. I’ve counted over 762 separate atrocities on the bonnet and bumper. See if you can find any more!




Proof that Craig did once go to school and indeed that he is not 5 years old. This little nugget is a snippet from his school book, a fresh faced Paddington proclaiming that his life’s ambition was to be Prime Minister and to own Marvel Comics. Paddy is taking the unusual route to these goals of working in a pen printing factory and batting at ten for Lilley. Watch out Tony Blair. Or is that Lionel Blair?




Revenge is sweet! Dave Carman sent us a great photo of brother Mik, and now Mik returns the favour by giving Lilleycc.com this superb picture of our Club Secretary! Known these days for his gleaming bald bonce, DC is pictured here with flowing blonde locks a la Jon Bon Jovi in the 1980s.









A collective gaggle of cricketing talent pictured here in the late 90’s. Lilley players of the past ‘Jaunty’ Matt Bartlett (in the background) and Andy Thomas (on the right hidden in the trees), feature. Also present are James Ashby, here with a mop of dark hair (and boy could he use it these days..) and a fresh faced Peter Rogers, in pensive mode.




There’s just no stopping our Club Secretary – another perm snap of Dave with hair. The shirt with ludicrous collars appears courtesy of Quincy Clothing.