Team News for Offley this Sunday

Afternoon All,

It is that time of year again, not that you would know it with the weather conditions we are having but…..

The cricket season starts this Sunday!


Thank you to everyone who responded to the new automated system.  You can either respond via text (12p) or via email (free).  If we haven’t got your email please send it to us.  We will be using this system from now on to send out information about matches and other events or info.

The team for Sunday is as follows:

  1. Jason Kruger (C)
  2. Craig Paadington
  3. James Ashby
  4. Tim Perry
  5. Stew Collinson
  6. Dave Eadie (Debut)
  7. Tousif Sabir
  8. Taz Qureshi (wk)
  9. Khurram Khan
  10. Dan McLaughlin
  11. Mark Scanlan

We are playing Offley away starting at 1pm.  Could everyone please be there by 12:30.

Let’s start the season how we mean to go on……with a WIN

See you Sunday



PS. We have our fundraising curry night tomorrow night at 7pm at the Baltistan.

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