Team for Sunday Against Offley

Afternoon All

Thank you to everyone who responded to the messages. This is the lat match of season so let's finish it off with a win! The team is as follows:

  1. Tim Perry (c)
  2. James Ashby
  3. Dan McLaughlin
  4. Khurram Khan
  5. Ashley Davis (w/k)
  6. Dave Carman
  7. Mark Scanlan
  8. Tom Smyth
  9. Raja Asar
  10. Arthur Fyfe
  11. Sajjad Luton

We are still one short so if you know of someone who can play please contact Jason ASAP. The match starts at 12:30 so could everyone please be there by 11:30 to make sure that the ground is ready.

Good Luck!



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