Team for Breahwood Green this Sunday at Home

Morning all,

Thank you for all your responses this week.  The team for the weekend is as follows:

  1. Tim Perry (c)
  2. James Ashby
  3. Khurram Khan
  4. Stew Collinson
  5. Taz Qureshi
  6. Danny Mills (w/k)
  7. Craig Paddington
  8. Mark Scanlan
  9. Tom Smyth
  10. Raja Asar
  11. Sajjad Ali

The match starts at 2pm so could everyone please be there at 12:30 to make sure that the ground is prepared for the match.

Lilley are in a great position in third with only 5 points to the top so lets keep up the great work and show that fighting spirit.

Good Luck!



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