Team for this week’s match against Datchworth at Home

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Morning All,

Thank you to those that have responded to the messages about this wee’s match against Datchworth.  The team so far is as follows:

  1. Jason Kruger (c)
  2. Tim Perry
  3. Khurram Khan
  4. Stew Collinson
  5. Dan McLaughlin
  6. Taz Qureshi (w/k)
  7. Craig Paddington
  8. Ashley Davis
  9. Tom Smyth
  10. (Mik Carman)/?
  11. ?

We are still short of at least 1 player.  If you know of anyone who would like to play please let me know ASAP.  The match starts at 2pm so please be there by 12:30 to help to get the pitch ready.

A reminder that Club Night is on tonight and as summer seems to have arrived we will have nets and ground work followed by a BBQ and drinks.  Would be great to see as many of you up there as possible.

See you tonight and Sunday.


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