Team for Sunday Against Stevenage II

Morning all

Thank you to everyone who responded to the messages about this Sunday. The team is as follows:

  1. Tim Perry (c)
  2. James Ashby
  3. Mark Scanlan
  4. Craig Paddington
  5. Khurram Khan
  6. Danny Mills (w/k)
  7. Jason Pateman
  8. Bradley Tompkins
  9. Khurram’s friend
  10. Steve Perry
  11. ?

As you can see we are still 1 short at the moment. If anyone knows anyone who would like to play please let me know ASAP. The match starts at 2pm.  Stevenage Day has now been cancelled due to a waterlogged field.  We are still waiting to hear if the match will still go ahead.  As soon as any news is received it will be sent out.  Could everyone please arrive at Stevenage by 1.30.

We also have our first 20/20 match next Tuesday away against Ardley Walkern starting round 6ish. Please let Jason know your availability for this match.


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  1. The team has now been updated but we are still short of 1 player.

  2. We are now still 2 short as Dan McLaughlin has had to pull out. If anyone knows someone who would like to play please let Jason or Tim know ASAP.

  3. 1 short as Steve Perry has agreed to play – thank you very much Steve

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