Stevenage II – Match Called Off

Unfortunately, due to the current weather conditions, the match against Stevenage II has been called off.  The outfield and pitch are just too saturated to play on.

Fingers crossed that the weather improves and the sun comes out over the next week to help dry it out for our match against Gravely at home.

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  1. Oh my God, I am so dissapointed! I understand dis course of action however, as we have had many buckets of de water from de sky. I have recently started to build an ark in de garden, as I believe de almighty God is sending us a sign. In de style of de Noah, I have started placing my animals on the ark, two by two. So far, I have only managed my 2 yaks, 2 rats and my donkey, Moses. He is able to sneak on, as I have de brilliant idea to disguise respected village elder Phil Kirchin as another Donkey. Only problem is his ears go wonky when he drink too much of de devil juice at de Lilley Arms.

    Fingers crossed for de game next week. I must go, my wife, she went snorkelling in de garden 2 hours ago and she has not returned yet. Am hoping she has not floated to Offley, as I am told dey eat de people der. LBB

  2. poxy weather 🙁

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