Rain, Rain Go Away!

Unfortunately it was another one of those weeks where you are not sure that you will be playing cricket until you arrive at the ground. This week was no exception with heavy downpours throughout the week and sunshine starting to break through Sunday morning.

When arriving at the ground it was no surprise seeing no pitch ready to play on. Instead Hexton were trying to prepare a second “pitch” just off the square as the one that was prepared was too saturated. After a delay the match got under way and it was no surprise when Captain Kruger called tails and… It failed. Lilley were put into bat with the same successful opening partnership of James “I am so cold” Ashby and Danny “This will be interesting” Mills.

Unfortunately this time it was not so successful with Mills, relying on irn-bru to cure his hangover, caught and bowled for 5 and Ashby caught for 8. It looked like it was heading for a very low score with McLaughlin falling for 12 and Perry for 2 leaving Lilley on 57 for 4.

Fortunately Kruger decided to play a “Captain’s Innings” smashing 43 with 4 sixes. Unfortunately when he finally perished in the deep not much was to follow. With Rob Hoar going out for a Golden Duck, Paddington (2), Khan (Golden) and Qureshi (3) it only left young Ashley Davis (who watched the wickets falling at the other end) to guide Lilley to a decent score. Ashley finally finished on 29 holing out in the deep leaving Ahmad Malik stranded at the other end not facing a ball.

Through difficult batting conditions Lilley managed a respectable 123 all out with only 2 balls left in the innings. After some much needed tea, Hexton started their innings in darkening conditions. Malik and Khan opened the bowling and in true Khan fashion took an early wicket when the ball was played back onto the stumps. Both were bowling well when the weather started to take a turn for the worse with Armageddon appearing just over the trees! Khan taking 2 for 18 and Malik very unlucky not to take a wicket. McLaughlin had just started his spell when the heavens descended. Hexton were on 40 for 2 after 12.4 overs at the time.

During the interval Mills was adamant that he was not going out again stating it was “too dangerous” – funny coming from a hardened rugby man! A few others followed his lead by getting changed and lucky for them the match had to be abandoned as it was definitely too wet to play as you can see from the picture.

The match was well poised and I am sure Lilley could have pulled out a deserved victory if it had continued. Bring on Holwell next week in our first league match of the season.

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  1. Hello Sir

    I am from de Democratic Republic of the Lilley and I was there to watch de game on Sunday. I must say, I was most delighted to see, despite de heavy downpours of de rain from de cloud, that Hextonville people managed to mow de wicket and get de game on.

    Lilley batted ok. Der was some shots that my donkey would be disgusted of. Some of de batsman may have hooves instead of de hands. De big man, de Captain, de last time i saw a man smash a thing with de wood that hard, i was trying to get me donkey, Moses, into de pen.

    I was most delighted to see my personal favourite player, Cargo Padlington, play many great shot in de crease. My personal favourite moment of de match, was when he knelt down to stretch his legs and de cheeky bowler, he tried to bowl him a ball. De man Paddershin, he smash de ball. Beautiful shot!

    It was most distressing when de rains came, I see that de gutter was exploding with de rain and leaking on de floor. My wife said to me that the Hextonville team must have hidden de rest of de tea in de gutter, leaving only small portions for de players.

    I will be there next week for de first league game, I am looking forward to this one. I believe you are playing de team called Holesmell, most famous team in this plateau, mainly for de big man Alan Porkings, who smash de ball to de next village everY over.

    Humble thanks,


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